Hello. My dd is five months old and has never taken a bottle. I have a medela manualease pump and I've never managed to get more than a few drops of milk with it. I don't do well with hand expressing either. I would like to go back to work two days a week for a total of 10 hours a week. So I will need her to take two bottles a week. My questions are 1)Will I have better luck with a better pump or is it possible that I just can't perform for a pump? 2) any specific reccomendations for a pump? I don't want to spend lots of $$ on an electric if I won't get anything out of it but don't want to waste my money on another manual if that's the problem. 3)What are the odds she'll even take a bottle at this point? 4) How much should I give her in a bottle. I have no idea how much milk she's getting now. Thanks for your help!