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Thread: Busy baby boy doesn't to BF

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    Question Busy baby boy doesn't to BF

    I hope someone else has experienced this and has some ideas for me. My 8 month old son is busy which is fine with me except when it comes to breastfeeding. I can not get him to feed and stay still in any position for more than 30 seconds unless its the early morning feeding and sometimes the late night one. He switches back and forth to each breast. Takes a little drink from one moves his head over to the other- does the same like he can't decide which one he wants. He twiddles the other when he does settle a bit which I can handle if he will feed well. We lay down and he rolls over and crawls away. We rock and he climbs up me. I really want to continue breastfeeding until he is at least one but I am starting to think he is "too busy" to be getting enough milk each day. Any suggestions or comments?
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    You would be amazed at how much milk he is getting!

    My son is 8 months, and like yours is incredibly busy. Can't sit still for a second! We have a breastfeeding support group here where you generally weigh your baby before and after feeding. I was there one day, he was doing his nosey checking everyone out, not really nursing, couple sucks here and there, maybe the longest he stayed on was 30 seconds. So it is time to leave, and I wasn't even going to bother weighing him, as I knew he didn't take much. WRONG! He took in 4.5 oz. He is just quick.

    Don't quit because you think he isn't getting enough. Do you think a bottle might get him more, like he will take time to sit and drink one of those? He is getting enough. I completely understand your worries, but babies will never starve themselves. If they are hungry they eat, thirsty they drink. They don't know any different!

    So keep on nursing, and when he wants to he will latch on, it might be upside down or for only 30 seconds, but he will be getting your milk, which is the best thing for him!

    Take care!


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    Wow, my ds is only 4 1/2 months and I already find it somewhat annoying to have him pop off to watch daddy cross the room...can't wait until he's twiddling my breast and hanging upside down!!!

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