well Doc gave us the okay to consider starting solids - but I have listened to everyone saying to wait until 6 months so I was planning on waiting.

Well this weekend Gabe grabbed a french fry off my plate and crammed it in his mouth. Almost gave me a heart attack! So we set him up in his highchair and gave him a baby spoon to play with. Into the mouth it went, no surprise of course

Well I put a little bowl of pureed sweet potatoes infront of him to keep him occupied while I ate - and to see what he did. After lots and lots of squishy slurpy sounds - I saw Gabe actually sticking his finger in it and then sucking it off. Well - the little that actually made it to his mouth.

So I took his spoon and tried to offer him a little - head tilts back - mouth opens wide and he looked so much like a baby bird I laughed.
He ate a little - and then demanded the breast

Silly boy! Of course His daddy looked at the puree then looked at his marshmello and butter covered ehlping of potatoes and told Gabe he was missing out on the good stuff. As if I'd give my son that sugary junk