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Thread: Comforts by breastfeeding doesn't eat

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    Default Comforts by breastfeeding doesn't eat

    My son comforts himself when he's sad by breastfeeding and refuses to eat. He has a lot of energy and would rather play than eat. How much breastmilk should I give him? He is 22 months. How can I comfort him without breatfeeding him? I feed him in the morning when he gets up, for his nap and when he goes to sleep at night.

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    At that age I was still pretty much feeding my dd on demand.
    And thats ok!
    If what you are doing is working why change it?

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    Hi there. Lots of toddlers "live on air" at this age. The nursing he does should reassure you that he's getting the best nutrition then. As for comfort nursing, I call it my secret weapon . If I couldn't bf, what would I do ? I don't think my dd would accept any other comforting anyway. Don't worry, he'll eat when he's hungry, just keep offering.

    Take care, Carleon
    Mom to DD1, nursed till 3 1/2 yrs and DD2, 15 mth.

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