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Thread: How much water?

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    Question How much water?

    How much water does your kiddo drink a day?

    Just wondering...

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    Default Re: How much water?

    It totally depends, but I just give him a cup for the day & fill it when it's empty. He likes to play in it sometimes (it's not totally spill proof when you shake it), so it's not always easy to keep track!
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    Default Re: How much water?

    dr sears has some good info on his web site

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    Default Re: How much water?

    If it is a hot day, about 4 oz. If it is not, about 2 oz.

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    Default Re: How much water?

    She probably drinks 6-8 oz a day, more if she acts really thirsty. She doesn't drink anything else though besides bm. And she absolutely loves water.
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