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Thread: Any success with The First Years "Breastflow" Bottles??

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    Exclamation Any success with The First Years "Breastflow" Bottles??

    My DS is 3mos old and I'm going back to school next week. I used to supplement with formula and he took formula and expressed milk in a bottle occassionally until he was about 7 weeks. Since then I have been EBF, now we started introducing him the bottle again but he would not take it. I was ot Target.com and came across a bottle made by The First Years called "Breastflow" which is supposed to imitate a real nipple. It has 2 nipples, the outer is soft like a real nipple and the inner is a little harder. I read the reviews on it and seems like most infants transitioning would take it. I have been reading the forums on babies who won't take a bottle but I didn't see any suggestions on the "breastflow" bottles. Just wondering if any of you ladies have tried it?

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    Default Re: Any success with The First Years "Breastflow" Bottles??

    We tried it with no success. Someone suggested the Adiri bottle, I haven't tried it because we gave up on the bottle and just gave my son a sippy cup (which he didn't take until he was 1!) but I've heard a lot about its success:

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