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Thread: Update: Is my baby starving?

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    Default Update: Is my baby starving?


    I wanted to update everyone who was so kind to reassure me when I worried about my baby getting enough to eat. She is just over 2 weeks old now, and we went to the doctor yesterday...and in one week she went from 5 pounds 4 oz to 5 pounds 11 oz!! So she gained weight!! I guess I'm doing things right!!! I've gotten her almost completely off of formula. I give her one bottle of formula, usually in the middle of the night when I'm just so completely exhausted and hubby can get up and feed her. But she doesn't need to be supplemented anymore at all!! Yay!!!

    So I have a new question...is it ok for her to just eat on one side per feeding? Lately she's been eating 10 minutes on one side and then she is done, I can't get her to eat on the other side. So I just switch sides each time. Is this ok?


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    Default Re: Update: Is my baby starving?

    My first son was like that. I think it's probably fine.

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    Congratulations mommy!! Some babies are happy with just one breast; my DD use to take both on one feeding, my DS most of the time he's happy with one . Also maybe you could bring the baby to bed at night so it's easier for you to feed her instead of giving her formula, just a suggestion ! Keep up the good work!

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    Excellent! Just listen to your baby. If she wants the other side she will take it. I suspect that you have built up your supply so much that she is getting plenty off the one side each time. LEave her on the first side till she comes off by herself, burp her, offer the other side and let her decide what she needs.

    I would pump the other side so that you can use the milk for the bottle rather than giving formula. Really is best if you can get away from the bottle completely. No pacifiers either. Is she sleeping near you? Nighttime feeds are easier with baby close by. Practice nursing laying down in the daytime until you feel like you have mastered it.
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