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Thread: Cheese?

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    Default Cheese?

    My DD will be 7 months next week. We have been giving her solids for almost a month and a half. This week, she is really enjoying "chunkier" foods more than the regular cereals and baby foods, etc. No Allergies so far.:tumbsup

    Can she have cheese? What kind? Small cubes or shredded?

    What are other good foods to give her that she can "play" with on her tray?

    She ate some of the pasta we had for dinner last night and loved it!
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    At this age I started giving my dd Gerber Puffs, which are great to bring to restaurants to keep them busy, as well as at their highchair to keep them occupied while cooking dinner. They are also great b/c they dissolve in their mouths, unlike cheerios.

    Also I have given dd green beans, banana chunks (small at this age), any veggie or fruit that is softer and small. We did give dd cheese, but not until about 8-9 months. Mostly shredded that was easy to chew.

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    I'd wait a month or two on the cheese. I think "they" say 8 months for cheese because of the dairy.

    Really anything soft that they can pick up you can give. Banana, avacdo, watermelon, pasta, soft potato chunks, green beans, etc. GL! Its fun when they start picking stuff up!!

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    i think i started giving DD cheese right around 7 months.
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    I let DD taste cheese around 7 months, and she loved it right away. Now when I offer it to her she says, "mmmmmmm, goo" and begs for more.

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    Peas are a favorite with my LO. I buy organic frozen peas and just drop them in boilind water for a few minutes. I generally make 2-3 days worth at a time b/c she like them cold rather than hot. She generally eats peas once a day but would eat them at every meal if I let her.
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    We started small cheeses chunks at 8 months. I'm lucky if he gets one in his mouth. That's OK though, that's how they learn, right?
    My boy also likes avocado, sweet potato and peas.

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