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Thread: Help!!!! Sleepless nights

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    I agree the silicone nipples are the only ones my daughter will take! I bought about 20 of the latex ones and of course she doesn't like it but the moment I tried the silicone ones she took it. Good luck!

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    I have started with the silicone nipples and playtex disposables. That is what i had success with, with my first daughter. However, my new dd took to these bottle the first few times we gave it to her and currently is refusing and making a big fuss. She also wont take a paicifier, but i dont mind. i held back with that until she was about 1 month old. I just dont knowwhat to do, i guess is may try advent next.

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    I'm having the same issue with bottles. My lo will fuss big time just with the bottle touching his bottom lip. we have trie the avent hich he took once and the breastflow, which he took once, too. i feel like its not the nipple, but he just doesnt want the bottle. i think its more frustrating for my husband, but i don't know what else to try. we have tried everything that pp have suggested and nothing is working. lucilky, i dont go back to work for another 11 weeks, so i can still nurse him.

    sleep has been much better this week, so i'm keeping my fingers crossed that it stays.

    thanks for the post as i feel your pain with the bottlefeeding. maybe one day our lo's will take the bottle.

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