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Thread: Confused about storage guideline

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    Default Confused about storage guideline

    My dh and I are celebrating our anniversary tonight, and since we don't have anyone to watch out LO, he will be going with us. Because we are going to a pretty fancy restaurant, I'd prefer not to breastfeed. (I also plan on drinking a glass of wine, which is another reason I don't want to breastfeed while we are there -- I have frozen bm for him for afterwards.) Anyway, I pump in the mornings, so I was wondering how long my bm would be good for if I pumped in the a.m., put that milk in the refrigerator, let it cool, then mixed it with some milk that I refrigerated yesterday morning. I would like to take this milk with me to the restaurant tonight. I can place it in an insulated bag until my LO is ready to eat, but how long will it be good for?

    I hope this made sense. I'm pretty confused! Thanks!

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    Congratulations on your baby and happy anniversary!!

    First, it can be very confusing trying to make sure you're getting it right with storage! A page I've found to be so helpful is this page at kellymom.com It's fine to combine milk once refrigerated or frozen, just make sure milk is cooled before combining.

    Second, having a glass of wine is fine! Of course if this is your first glass of wine since you got pregnant, it will probably hit you harder than you will expect, but don't pump and dump; it's totally unnecessary. Here is a page explaining the do's and don'ts of alcohol and breastfeeding. Alcohol filters out of your breastmilk just like it filters out of your blood. If you wait until you're stone cold sober, it will still only be a matter of hours until you're completely in the clear.

    Hope that helps and have a wonderful night!!

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    I am so glad that you found a good resource for alcohol and BF. SO many women think they can't have a glass of wine or one drink. I am glad there are resources out there that show you can still most of the things you enjoy even though you BF.

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    Your milk will be fine to combine as long as they are similar in temp. An insulated bag with a frozen pack would be ideal for storage. Congrats on the new addition and the anniversary!!

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