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    How much solids/milk should a 8 months-9 month old be eating? Most of the time, my DS refuses to eat a Gerber Stage 2 when I know he liked it before.

    I am kind of worried about his lack of growth, I weighed him and he's still around the weight as last month! Even though he does feel heavier when I hold him..


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    Follow your baby's cues, never force a baby to eat. About refusing to eat something they like before it's normal, babies are like us, they just sometimes get tired of certain food or just are not in the mood for it. How much they eat depends on your baby, never compare your baby to someone else, it's not fair for him. Also make sure he drinks milk before the solids, milk should be his primary source of food up till his first year. And don't worry too much about his weight, they start slowing the gaining-weight process, if your baby looks happy and have a good output on his diaper that's what you should be looking for.

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    ITA with Mami_Kathy.

    It's important to note that solids won't help a baby his age grow or gain weight if they're replacing breastmilk. Breastmilk has more calories and fat than pretty much any solid food, so pushing solids can actually slow babies' weightgain down.

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