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Thread: Breast milk intolerance

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    Question Breast milk intolerance

    I am sure many of you are familiar with ds situation and the no weight gain issue. Anyways. I was talking to another pedi today and she said that the GI will probably tell me I will have to quit bfing b/c it sounds like ds has an intolerance to my milk......Is this possible and what can be done about it?
    I DONT WANNA stop bfing, I love the bond between my son and I. Its our quite time alone. I just love the look in his eyes when he is eating and how we just stare back at eachother for most of the time.
    SOrry to be so annoying and overly worried about this. I just hate that people keep telling me I will probably have to stop bf ds b/c he is not gaining the weight he is suppose to be gaining.

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    They can tell if he is able to digest your breast milk from a stool sample tested for lactose intolerance/sugars. I'm not sure the name of the test as our dr had to go to the lab and look it up! But your baby's stools will be able to tell if he can digest lactose, sugars, or fats (one test for sugars, a 72 hour stool collection for a fat test). Don't give up bfing off of a drs guess or whim, make sure there is confirmation and maybe seek out a very pro bfing dr for extra help. I'll let you know what the dietician and dr tells us on Thursday! (((HUGS)))

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    i've heard it is VERY VERY VERY rare for a baby to be allergic to your milk......but babe would be allergic to something IN your milk (so something you are consuming).

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    Smile Re: Breast milk intolerance

    Is he an active little thing?

    My little guy weighed 13lb 10oz, 26" at 2 mos but at 5.5mos only weighed 14lb 13oz, 29", that's only 1lb 3 oz in 3.5 mos, but 3" in length. Ppl used to ask me about him too, they were always surprised when I said his age. They say "he's so small, is he a good eater?" I started telling them that he is an excellent eater, but that he is so active and growing so long so quickly that he is burning up everything he takes in.

    Does he throw up a lot? Could it be reflux? I think my little guy was having problems with that. He spits up a lot, I always just thought it was normal but I think he was actually spitting up more than he should be.

    The fact that your little one is rolling over now, is doing other age appropriate things and has the appropriate amount of wet/poopy diapers is a good sign of his overall health.

    Like the person before me mentioned though, something your eating/drinking may be having an effect on your little one through your milk. Are you taking any meds or anything like that?

    I will mention that once my little one started eating rice cereal at 6 mos that he went from 14.13 to 17 in 2 weeks.

    Go with your gut, he's your little one, you'll have more of a gut feeling than anyone else.

    Keep up the good work and if your dr says anything about weight gain this time make sure to mention that he had a stomach virus and seemed to have lost some weight during that time.

    Take care.


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