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Thread: Is Reglen (sp) effective?

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    Default Is Reglen (sp) effective?

    I am due in 3 weeks with our third child. I have been unable to breastfeed either of my 2 sons and really want to breastfeed this (last) one. I seem to get a small amount of colustrum in, but have never gotten my milk. I met with a lactation consultant 4-5 days after leaving the hospital the first time, and she helped me pump correctly for 45 minutes, and we had less than 3 centimeters of fluid. He ended up having a severe case of "failure to thrive" and we put him on formula that day. The last time I tried again (nipple shield, pumping, exclusively feeding breastmilk -no supplementing, herbal tea, etc.) but still didn't produce an adequate supply of milk.

    My current midwife has suggested Reglen. Has anyone had experience with this or any other methods to correct severe production problems?

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    Default Re: Is Reglen (sp) effective?

    I'll strongly encourage you to go to a LLL meeting or contact a Leader before the baby comes! You had bad experiences before but this a new baby, you are going to start from zero, you will not necessarily have the same experience with this one. You shouldn't be thinking about using any medications before you even have a problem, especially Reglen which is use as at last resort. Have faith, don't start this nursing relationship being negative about it. Contact LLL as soon as you can!

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    I would contact Dr. Jack Newman at thebirthden.com I would also read his book about the ultimate breastfeeding. Don't have name in front of me right now and I have twin hanging on me. If I would have read that book first, it would have saved me months ofbf troubles with my twins. I had previously nursed 2 others and didn't anticipate the troubles that I have been through. I have read just about every bf book out there and Jack's is the most problem solving book. He also says to use medication as the last resort. He and others give warnings about Reglan. Domperidone is the medication of choice. You have to order it from out of this country. Did your other children have latching or suckling problems? That could have caused your problem but didn't know it. Jack gives solutions for this and others. I wish you well with bf!

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    Here's some good info on low supply:


    Domperidone is safer than Reglan as far as medications go:


    I get mine from global drug, you don't need a prescription:


    Have you had your thyroid tested? do you have PCOS? pituitary problems?

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