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    Hi all...I have been exclusively pumping for the last 10.5 months, and want to pump til our daughter is 1 year. I had no issues pumping, and have a good supply built up in the freezer. As she started eating baby food, and the amount of milk drank decreased a bit, I switched to pumping twice a day, and was pumping 4 bottles (exactly what she was eating in a day)...I didn't want to have an overabundance of milk collecting. So all was well.

    Lately, the amount of milk pumped has decreased quite a bit...some days I will only get 2-3 bottles. Now, I do have the freezer stock to rely on. But we're going away on holidays for a week and I won't have the freezer stock to rely on. So I'm panicking a bit. I will transport as much milk as I can, but I still worry.

    If I increase back to pumping 3 times a day, will I actually be able to increase the amount of milk pumped, or will it just spread out the pumping? I recently got my period back...can I blame the reduction on that? Is it possible that I am just running out of milk?

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    If you add another session, you will get more milk. But it will take a few days or so to see any results. It works with the supply/demand theory.

    Yes, your period can affect your supply. If you think your supply is down, I would look at the Increasing Your Supply Thread. There is a lot of good advice in there. HTH

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    Ditto what's already been said.

    My supply dropped dramatically after I got AF back. I started taking a calcium supplement and it fixed the problem. www.kellymom.com has some info on it.

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