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Thread: Strange question - Need help

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    Default Strange question - Need help

    I have what probably will seem like a very strange question, bare with me. Any advice/knowledge would be greatly appreciated.

    I stopped BFing my LO a couple months ago (at 5 1/2 months). He stopped because he started to take a bottle and his nursing style just went horribly wrong and I couldn't stand the way he was latching. I tried to work with him but he seemed to prefer the bottle (which I was desperate to get him to take). I'm not the hugest fan of BFing, but I was trying to hang in there for as long as I could. As he weaned I kept trying to get him to continue BFing, but his latch never improved. Now I believe my milk is all dried up and I'm wondering if there is anything I can do to get my milk supply back so we can keep giving BFing a chance? (Is there any way you can build your supply back up once you are completely dry?).

    Thanks. I really appreciate any help.

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    There is a whole forum (scroll down the page from the main forum screen) on re-lactation. I'm sure that the ladies there will have information for you.
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    I've got girlfriends that can still squeeze some out 2 or 3 years after weaning!
    I've heard the general rule is that as long as you've been done with nursing is about how long it'll take to get your full supply back. So, if you quit 2 weeks back it'll be about 2 weeks to have it back. HTH.

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