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Thread: Poor Milk Supply! Baby's steel hungry!

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    Exclamation Poor Milk Supply! Baby's steel hungry!


    Hi mothers and specialists!
    My baby's steel hungry... What can I use in order ti increase my supply?
    I did all kind of pumpings: 8 times, super pumping... in evrey pumping I take 2 oz total...
    Also my baby begun eating a week ago evry hour... that means she sleeps 1 hour and again she wants to eat for another hour... Is it normal? That means she needs to begin eating solids? She's just 3 months old...I can't do anything else beside breastfeeding and pumping!!!
    I'm trying to figuere out more about Fenugreek... How safe is it??? And DonParedon?

    I'll appreciate your help!!


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    I don't know if you have the ablity to do it or not, but have you thought about doing a nurse in. You get to stay in bed all day and have your dh bring you things you need. And all you do is nurse nurse nurse. Nursing is the best way to get your supply up. At 3 months I would assume the constant nursing is do to a need to increase your supply cause dd is in a growth spurt. She'll go through another around the 6 month mark as well.

    I took Fenugreek and Blessed Thistle when I was trying to get up my milk supply with ds1. Here is a web page with some more information on Fenugreek however not an LLL approved site,


    Hope that helps you.

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    Fenugreek is very safe, but you should be cautious if you're diabetic. Other than that a side effect might be diarrhea (or in my case more frequent "nice for me") and your sweat might smell kind of sweet like maple syrup and your urine too. Fenugreek is probably the most common herb use to increase supply, 3 capsules 3 x a day I think is the dose for a few days, you should notice an increase at about 3 days. You can use it in conjunction with Blessed thistle and alfalfa, also in capsules and probably the same dose. The other one you mention Domperidone is more like a drug, I think, and I think is Rx only, at least in the US, and should be use when nothing else work. Your baby is 3 mo so she's probably going to a growth spurt. Good luck!

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    I agree with the others that this is probably a growth spurt. I would just suggest that you nurse, nurse, nurse, like the other post suggested. Look into medicinal things you mentioned as well. Good luck!

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    Sheila, if you've just gotten the baby back to breast after a difficult period, then perhaps you can focus more on nursing than on pumping while she gets through this growth spurt. It sounds to me like you risk wearing yourself out trying to pump 8 times a day. Keep doing the skin-to-skin contact as much as possible, try a nurse-in, try the fenugreek, and give it some time. Remember, your output at the pump is not the best indicator of your supply -- watch her diapers and nurse on cue.

    You might want to post on the "Increasing your Milk" board for more information and advice.


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