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Thread: cutting out diary in diet

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    Default cutting out diary in diet

    Hi all,
    As I told in prev posts my DD is having reflux.I want to cut diary out of my diet.I'm a vegetarian and milk is my main source of energy.Just wondering how people who cut diary get enough calcium and protien in their diet.I'm a very picky eater and I feel like if i cut diary I will not have anything else left to eat .Any tips on how to subsitute for diary in diet ?
    Other than milk, yoghurt what else products have diary ?
    How so many people cutdown wheat ?What else is available for eating if we cut wheat also??

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    Default Re: cutting out diary in diet

    I had to do the same thing for a few months. I took supplements and tried to eat more of the foods with calcium (spinach, etc.) that I liked. I found after a while that yogurt & cheese were OK, but straight milk was a problem. FWIW, I slowly re-introduced dairy after a couple of months and she was fine with it. Hope your diet doesn't have to last too long!

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