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Thread: Sleeping issues

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    I would try swaddling tight anytime he sleeps. That's what we had to do. If he is getting out of the swaddle easily, there is a swaddle blanket called the "Miracle Blanket" taht is supposed to be just awesome. We haven't gotten to that yet, because i have been able to really swaddle tight. My ds is a major thrasher. If he isn't swaddled he is awake as am I. I have also found that during hte day if I put him in his infant car seat to sleep, he goes right out. Just a thought. HTH.

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    I swaddled him very tightly last night. The nurse also suggested I sleep him with his head elevated incase it is reflux. He slept on his boppy, and we had a great night. 4 1/2 hours then fed and went back to sleep for 3 1/2 hours. He has been up most of the day and is now taking and afternoon nap. Hopefully things will keep going well.

    The nurse said he may be going through a growth spurt right now also.

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