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Thread: How do I get my LO to eat more?

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    Default How do I get my LO to eat more?

    Hi Mommys!

    My LO weighed in at 12.1 pounds at his 4 month check up. I know he is on the light side and (5th percentile)

    My Dr. was not concerned about it...the only he would ever get concerned is if my LO were on fire. He dosen't seem to think anything is that big a deal? I would switch Drs if I could but its just not that easy He says its fine as long as he is on the percentile chart.

    He was 7.1 on discharge from the hospital then at 2 months was 11.5. A total gain of 4.3 in 60 days...which is pretty good gain.Then at his 4 month he weighed in at 12.1. His total gain for the same 60 days was less than 1 pound???

    From 2 months to 4 months he did gain 2 inches of length. He has always been a quick eater...less than 10 min total. Is there any way to get him to eat more?

    I don't have any supply issues and we are EBF with the exception of about 2 bottles of formula/week.

    Any help would be appreciated! TIA!

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    Default Re: How do I get my LO to eat more?

    How is his output? Have you tried breast compressions to keep him interested in nursing? How about skin-to-skin? How often will he nurse?
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    Default Re: How do I get my LO to eat more?

    Out put is good. Good wet ones and usualy a poo once a day...sometimes every other day.
    He will nurse every 3 hours or there abouts.
    Skin to skin worked really well when he was first born but seems to make no difference now.
    Compressions...hummmm???? I have never really been shown how to do them but have tried a few times and it seems to distract him. Maybe you can give me some pointers as to how to do them effectivly.

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