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Thread: Can supply drop after a day of missed pumping?

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    Default Can supply drop after a day of missed pumping?

    I worked a 9 hour shift yesterday and I normally can pump three times (about 10 minutes) in that shift. I just pump one breast each time and i normally get about 4 ounces. Anyway, I was extremely busy and barely had time to pump. I got one good session in, getting about 5 ounces, but my next 2 were so short, like 5 minutes tops and i only got about 2-3 ounces.

    When i got home I was so engorged and thank goodness LO was ready to eat. Tonight when I tried nursing him he kept fussing and my breast felt so soft and "empty." Was yesterday enough to decrease my supply already?

    Oh, I also have been EBF for 4 months and he gets my milk when Im at work.

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    Default Re: Can supply drop after a day of missed pumping?

    It could decrease your supply a little, anytime all the milk isn't removed it signals to your body that you don't need more. But skimping on pumping one day shouldn't harm your supply long-term, after a couple days of pumping as usual and feeding lo on demand at home your supply should return to normal.

    I had to skip a pumping session yesterday at work and I was think I would be able to pump the extra out after I nursed, but my los are too efficient, I couldn't get anymore out after they were done. I had to pump 3 times at home to make up what I missed! And I'm expecting to get a bit less at the pumping session today that I had to skip yesterday.

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    Default Re: Can supply drop after a day of missed pumping?

    It shouldn't decrease your production drastically, no.

    How are things today?

    Antime baby fusses like that, you can switch breasts (switch nurse) until baby is full. Your breasts are never truly empty. There is always more there for your baby.

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