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Thread: 6 week old sleeping issues

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    Default 6 week old sleeping issues

    As much as I love my little guy, it would be nice if he could sleep in someone else's arms. Or anywhere else's for that matter. He used to be content as long as he was touching a person. But now as soon as I place him in anyone else's arms he wakes up and starts crying. The same goes for being placed in a crib or swing. He will sleep for a few minutes only to wake shortly after. And the entire time he sleeps when not in contact with a human he is very restless and clearly not sleeping well. I am desperate for some ideas on how to get him to sleep for other people and sleep in his crib/swing/ anywhere. I can not help but get really frustrated at the fact that I can not get anything done still. Any suggestions are appreciated!


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    Default Re: 6 week old sleeping issues

    Have you looked into babywearing? Visit the thread and you will get lots of ideas of various slings/wraps to try. That way your lo can sleep while you are free to get things done, such as read these forums!

    My baby was the same way and he is finaaaalllllyyyyyy getting a lil independence! He can goto sleep by himself at night and take naps in the bed by himself. It's nice. But yeah we got through the first 2 months napping while we were babywearing or I just slept with him.

    Keep trying the sleep in the swing thing too. Sometimes they won't like it right away but get used to it after many tries of being put in there.

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    Default Re: 6 week old sleeping issues

    i am with you! And I do use my pouch (and am going to start making my own....), but I'd like to sleep more at night! Most of the time, I can't even lay him down beside me...he wants held. And I'm sleepy....he is on my DH's chest right now on the couch, but it's like he "knows" when we're in the bed that is best to be on me....

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