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    Any sugggestions on how to get baby to not bite? He has had 2 bottom teeth for 2 months now and only bit down a few times but now he is biting down almost every time he nurses. He is getting his top 2 teeth right now...they are just breaking through so I thought maybe that is why he is biting now but with more teeth coming...I'm scared! I have startled him a few times by yelling ouch! but he is still doing it. He is 7 months and I'm afraid to keep nursing It hurts!

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    I have found that my 8 month old dd bite sme more when we are NIP or there are several people in the room. If I go in her room or nurse her in bed she doesn't bite me. She seems to bite me when she is not concentrating on nursing but still just goofing off. She still gets me every now and then and I just pull her off and tell her no and stare at her liek I am very serious. Good luck!! We're waiting on top teeth, too, and I am hoping it will get better. I am dreading that first chomp after she has top teeth, too!
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    Yes, my dd will nip when she feels like it, but my ds will only do it when he isn't hungry or in public & distracted. They seem to go in spurts. I watch and if I see her getting distracted (done nursing) I will break latch. If she bites, the nursing session is over. Yelling does not help. Althought it is hard not to yell. Maybe I would suggest a nursing necklace so that they have something else to think about.

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