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Thread: Fennel to elicit Let Down?

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    Default Fennel to elicit Let Down?

    Hello. I am having a problem pumping. I know that I do not have a low supply...my 7 1/2 month old son is doing very well and feeding on demand (with minimal solids and no pacifiers). I am, though, having a problem letting down for the pump. My son sleeps through the night, and his last feeding is at 9pm. I usually pump at 12am (I'm a night owl), and I used to get between 5-6oz, but now I get about 2-3oz. This is all extra, and I guess I should be happy to get anything, but I'm trying to build my freezer stash for when I'll be away from baby for 7 days in August, and I don't feel like I'm going to make it (he'll be 11months at the time).

    I talked to my LC, and I'm currently taking fennel to elicit the let down reflex, but the problem is that I can not find the correct dosage information (and they don't know either). Kellymom.com talks about fennel, but it only gives dosage info for tincture, seeds and oil, and I'm taking fennel seed pills (480mg each). I need to know how many I can take a day to optimize letdown. TIA

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    Hi, I have looked this up in "Nursing Mother's Herbal" by Sheila Humphey and can't find anything more than you already have. Maybe you could try checking with an Herbalist. Sorry I couldn't be of more help!

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