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Thread: I'm tired of people asking me how much DS weighs!!

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    Unhappy I'm tired of people asking me how much DS weighs!!

    DS is 8.5 months old and weights 17.5 lbs and is 28 inches long. At one point at 7m the doctor said he was underweight also because he stopped taking the bottle of BM at daycare so he went a week or 2 of just waiting for me to come and eating solids while at daycare. Before this he was at 25-50% for weight and is staying on a curve but on the 10% so now the pediatrician isn't so worried. But i can't help but to be worried when all these babies around us are getting bigger by the day. I constantly am asked how much he weighs and if he is a good eater. My answer: he nurses fine, and has days where he eats baby food fine and other days where he could really care less. Over all he isn't really a big eater, he'll eat just enought to feel content. He is a very busy boy, but very happy. I know that in the end all that matters is his happiness and his overall health but I can't help it but to sometimes feel like I am failing or not doing things right? Can anyone else relate or have any thoughts? Thanks!

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    Default Re: I'm tired of people asking me how much DS weighs!!

    The D*** tables!! First, there are new tables out which take in consideration BF babies, the old ones are only based on FF babies. Second, the tables are averages ONLY!, it is not the only standard to say if your baby is thriving or not; overall health should be taken in consideration. For the people that keep asking how much he weight tell them you haven't him weight him in a while so you don't know, and that he eat what he needs! You're doing things right! Happy and healthy baby = Good Mommy!!

    "The tables"

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    Default Re: I'm tired of people asking me how much DS weighs!!

    I am going through the same with my dd. She is almost 10 months, 28 inches and about 18 pounds.

    People are always commenting on how small she is and sometimes it makes me feel like a bad mommy; like maybe if I ff, she'd be some huge, bouncing baby. In our culture, bigger is better and somehow that has extended to our babies. But I try to concentrate on the big picture; how pleasant dd is, how she is reaching all of her milestones. I just tell myself to ignore this "bigger is better" mindset. Besides--comparing FF babies to breastfed babies is like apples to oranges. DD eats until satisfied--I'm not forcing a bottle of formula down her throat. She will grow as nature intended.

    I think in the long run, dd will be better off being lean and healthy. She came into this world at 5lbs 10 oz--so I say to her, "you've come a long way, baby!".

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