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Thread: Simultaneous BFing and Pumping

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    Default Simultaneous BFing and Pumping

    I have an issue with not being able to pump more than 2-3 ounces at a time. I need to leave 4 ounces per bottle for my 4-mo old ds while he's at daycare. My local LLL suggested that I simultaneously pump and bf. I tried it this morning, and I did get an extra 1.5 ounces. For some reason, my ds chomped on my nipple several times. He's never done this before. Is this because the flow of milk was too fast for him? Any suggestions are appreciated.

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    It could have increased the milk flow. Or perhaps pumping was distracting to him?

    Maybe try at a point when he is sleepy and see if he is less bothered by it?

    Let us know how it goes!

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    i've done the bf pump at the same time thing with dd since she was about a week old. She's now five months and gets fussy whenever the bottle is too close to her feet (she's a long baby) and will crab at me. I've noticed that I tend to pump on the right side while feeding on the left (I'm right handed) and the milk flow is WAY fast on that side in comparison. I now have a ton of frozen milk as back up, which is a HUGE relief when I can't quite pump enough during the day. Keep trying, and definetly try when baby's sleepy. Less irritable that way.

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