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Thread: is it mastitis?

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    Default is it mastitis?

    So I woke up on Sunday morning with a big lump in my right breast (about the size of a golf ball, or small egg). It felt kind of like a plugged duct, but it was different than the plugged ducts I have had before, and didn't go away after 1-2 nursing sessions, like it normally would. By Sunday night it was still there, and more sore than ever- not much bigger, but definietly not smaller. The part of my aereola on top of the lump was/is red, sore to the touch, and kind of... inflamed? ANyway, last night I started feeling really sick- low grade fever, achey all over, dizzy/tired, sore throat, slightly nauseated. I woke up this morning feeling about the same, but after a night of my son's night wakings (which are inconsistent and numerous, despite my best efforts) the lump is pretty much gone. I have been taking tylenol and I feel better and my boob is less sore, but I don't know if I should still go to the dr? I think it might be the tylenol that is making me feel better, but I don't really know... anyone out there who has had mastitis before have any input or ideas?

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    you could wait and see if the fever comes back.
    can you rest most of the day today?

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    trying to rest... as the tylenol wears off i am feeling worse and worse.... ug. i cant be sick! i have too much to do!

    oh yeah and ds was sick lest week (running a fever and miserable) so it could maybe be that?

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    could be.....

    Does mastitis always require antibiotics?
    No, mastitis does not always require antibiotics.

    Mastitis is an inflammation of the breast that is most commonly caused by milk stasis (obstruction of milk flow) rather than infection. Non-infectious mastitis can usually be resolved without the use of antibiotics. However, per the World Health Organization document Mastitis: Causes and Management, "Without effective removal of milk, non-infectious mastitis was likely to progress to infectious mastitis, and infectious mastitis to the formation of an abscess."

    Per the Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine's Clinical Protocol for Mastitis:

    "If symptoms of mastitis are mild and have been present for less than 24 hours, conservative management (effective milk removal and supportive measures) may be sufficient. If symptoms are not improving in 12-24 hours, or if the woman is acutely ill, antibiotics should be started."

    If a mom with mastitis has no obvious risk factors for infection (as noted in the box below), it is likely that the mastitis is non-infectious and, if properly treated, will resolve without antibiotics.

    When you have mastitis...

    Talk to your DR about starting
    antibiotics immediately if:

    Mastitis is in both breasts.
    Baby is less than 2 weeks old, or
    you have recently been in the hospital.
    You have broken skin on the nipple
    with obvious signs of infection.
    Blood/pus is present in milk.
    Red streaking is present.
    Your temperature increases suddenly

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    Default Re: is it mastitis?

    Just posted on another thread about my multiple bouts of mastitis. But, andrea_ohio has done a great job of summing up any advice I would have given.

    I spiked a very high (over 104) fever the first time I had mastitis, and ended up on antibioics and in bed for several days. The other times I had it, I realized what what *about* to happen, so I was able to pump extra (when my LO wasn't eating as often) switch nursing positions and use warm compresses to completely empty the sore breast, and get LOTS of extra rest so I ended up not needing antibiotics.

    Hope you get some relief, soon. Sometimes, I think it was just my body's way of making me slow down a little and get some rest!
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    thanks for the info and the advice! My fever is gone but now i have a very sore throat and apparently have white spots at the back of my thoat... so maybe it is strep and not mastitis after all..... i guess we will see!

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    sore throat?
    don't suffer call that doctor.
    I hate streap.
    WE seam to get it at least once a winter.
    My oldest get so sick. ITs no fun but the sooner you get on the anti-botic the sooner you'll feal beter.
    get some pro-abotic to help with thrush.
    hope you are fealing beter soon!

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