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    Is there anyone who pumps less than 5 times a day? When I decided to exclusively pump, I was pumping 6 times a day. I now pump 3 times a day and get 10 oz each time I pump. Is this okay or will my supply decrease?

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    That's a good question. So good, that I suspect that is why you have no answers as of yet.

    If you have the storage capacity to comfortably do this schedule, then it shouldn't impact your production. If you're not experiencing plugged ducts and you're not noticing any kind of decrease, it very well could be working for you.

    Let me say here that not every mother would be able to maintain their production levels on the schedule you're on. Remember that storage capacity (how much milk your breasts can hold, and how much they can hold before telling the milk producing cells to slow production) varies from woman to woman and has nothing to do with breast size.

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    in my opinion, if you're producing enough milk for your baby by pumping 3 times a day, then stick with it. i don't pump exclusively, but i go on business trips for a week or two at a time. i used to pump 6 times a day for those, but once my son started on solids i switched to 3 times a day. i have always brought back more milk than he eats while i'm away. i could probaby cut it down to twice a day at this point, but i like to stay on an 8 hour schedule to keep it realistic for when i feed him myself at home.

    breastmilk is a supply and demand business. as long as the demand is there, your supply will continue. if your baby isn't getting enough milk from pumping 3 times a day, then increase it to 4. your body will adjust over time. way to keep up with the pumping...i know how unfun it is!

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