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Thread: 28 weeks-Basic Pumping Q's

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    Exclamation 28 weeks-Basic Pumping Q's

    As noted above, I'm a hair over 28 weeks pregnant and have questions about breastfeeding. Being my first pg, everything is new so please forgive my stupidity.

    I really want to, and plan on, breastfeeding/expressing milk when my son is born in November. DH really hopes to be a part of the feeding process (has agreed to assist with late-night feedings) and I would like to express milk so he can participate. To me, feeding is such a special little moment to share with your newborn and I believe this option would allow both DH and myself to enjoy it (and for baby to get breastmilk). I've read on other boards how DH can be involved by changing, bathing and such (and completely agree)...but I know DH would like to feed on the occasion and don't blame him.

    Question: What type of pumping schedule do I need to do in order to bottle feed with breast milk? Do I pump every 2-3 hours, or some other variant?? I know pumping can be a struggle the first weeks due to low amounts of milk and bottle-nipples are not recommended until 3 weeks (side question: what about hospitals bottle-feeding newborns? don't they bottle-feed hour/day old newborns??).

    Thank you for your tips!!

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    It is not recommended to bottle feed in the first few weeks. If you want your DH to be able to feed prior to the first few weeks, I would at least wait until I was home from the hospital. You can try pumping after you nurse. You will not likely get much milk in the beginning. I believe some have said that pumping during the first few weeks can cause oversupply issues, though. You may want to do some research on kellymom.com regarding this and other issues. To keep your supply up, you will most likely need to pump when your lo is getting a bottle. So, it will not likely help a lot with the middle of the night feedings (except that you can pump in about 15 minutes but your lo may nurse for 30-45 minutes )

    I think the hard part is knowing how much to feed. In the beginning it is probably only a couple of ounces. Babies will eat more if offered even if they are full because they like to suck. So, you need to be careful not to overfeed.
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    do you have a local LLL leader you can call to talk to?
    even beter a group you can go to a few meetings before the baby comes?

    heres a few good links abuot getting of to a good start


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    Although my DH offered to help with late night feedings .... I thanked him lots and turned down the offer because if our baby was taking a bottle instead of nursing I felt like I'd need to pump anyways to keep giving my body the signal that it needed to be producing milk - which is critical in the early weeks of breastfeeding.

    Instead - my DH was a huge help by bringing the baby to me (baby was in a bassinet in our bedroom), doing night time diaper changes, and soothing baby back to sleep (if he didn't fall asleep nursing). Once I figured out how to nurse side lying, my night times were actually not that disrupted. I was happy in bed nursing our baby and DH was the one getting up.

    I started pumping when DS was 4 weeks old to start getting both of us ready for when I'd be going back to work when DS was 12 weeks old. At that point, DH would give DS a bottle and I'd go in the other room and pump at the same time.
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    I'll second what has been said so far... you may want to wait a little bit before introducing the bottle. To want to introduce the bottle when breastfeeding is well established - - - I think it is recommended to wait 6 weeks.

    My DH started giving our lo a bottle in late evening when LO was 5-6 weeks. I also went to the next room to pump....

    Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy

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    You should try to avoid bottles if at all possible in the first 3-6wks so that LO and you really learn how to bf well and your supply is well established. You just can't get as good a stimulation from a pump. I did have to supplement mine for the first few days because my milk was delayed coming in (you have to have at least 20min stimulation from a pump or a baby at the beginning at least every 3hrs), but even if you have to do that you want to get your lo onto the breast ASAP or you will have major supply problems. No one told me pumping could lead to oversupply so I continued pumping when I felt full after my los were EBF and wound up with huge oversupply issues. If you do pump, do it after nursing for about 5-8min, but only a few times a day, and you will get a fair amount within a few days.

    My DH really wanted to "participate in feeding" too, but the fact is, you will not get a break if your DH does this b/c you HAVE to pump while he's giving a bottle or your supply will be affected. My DH saw very quickly that babies bond over feeding simply because they are cuddled and given attention at that time, so he cuddled them just as much and he's had no trouble bonding. You can pop your lo in a sling and get hours of cuddle time where a feeding would only be a few minutes. And now that they're older, they bond much more with DH through play than they do with me. They like me a little more when they want comfort, but since DH has been right there helping to comfort and soothe them to sleep all along, they look to him for it too.
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    First thing- and congrats on your expected arrival!

    I would not let hte hospital bottle feed at all. I didn't have to nor did most who are on this site. That is excluding a medical emergency (not that that will happen). My DH also felt that way fr a while, and after a few weeks I started pumping to get ready to go back to work and he fed him a bit then, but in reality the first few weeks are mostly on mommys shoudlers.

    Now my husband is a wonderful father and has been from day 1, but sometimes gender roles are there for a reason. First of all, nursing at first is hour on the boob, hour off. so your entire life for about 6 weeks will be your baby attatched to your boobie. It sounds scary but its not as bad as it sounds and that is how your supply is established. So there is little time to fit puming in. I had to supplement about 8 times just so I could get used to pumping I dont really recomend that, it was just what I had to do.

    As for pumping the first 2 weeks (i started at 2.5 wo) I got barely a drop and got very upset and felt like there was something wrong with me. That is not the case, it just takes time. Feeding is an important way of bonding, but it is far from the only one. ur dh will find plenty of other ways on top of feeding. But I do agree with PP, night feedings are a good way to establish supply, dont skip 'em.

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