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    At 6 weeks my DH and I introduced a bottle to my lo and he took it very well and sucked it down in no time. Since then, we have tried several times to give our lo a bottle and now he will have nothing to do with it (same with his pacifier, but we're okay with that). We have been using the avent slow flow bottle, but today we tried the breastflow bottle and still no luck.

    Do any of you have any ideas for: 1) Tips on getting lo to take a bottle and 2) what nipples/bottles have you had success with.

    I have to go back to work for a few days soon and really need our lo to take the bottle.

    Thanks in advance for you help!!!

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    I use Dr. Brown's Level 1 slow flow nipples for my 12 week old dd. I don't use the Dr. Brown bottles. I use the Ameda bottles that I got with my pump. My dd does really well with these nipples.

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    My best suggestion is to have your husband attempt this with you not around at all. Sometimes the baby knows you are there, can smell you etc and they refuse the bottle. My friend was in the same situation as you and was sure her 4 month old would never take the bottle. We went out for dinner one night and she left a bottle for her husband to try, but she was planning to be back in 3 hrs anyways. Well, to their surprise, she took the whole bottle! Have him try it.

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