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Thread: Nipple Cream Suggestions

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    May I ask why you're using these? These should only be used if you're having certain problems.
    I use it because it was suggested by my LC for soreness and damage (my LO had a poor latch from tongue tie). I guess I should have mentioned that in my first post.
    Ah okay I just want it to be clear that neosporin and hydrocortisone should only be used on the nipple at the advice of a physician or other breastfeeding professional.

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    I think once your nursing, you'll be glad to have a nipple cream that removes any discomfort and you wont care what it is as long as it's safe for you and baby. I think lasinoh works the best. It really only hurts for a couple weeks, so you should only need one tube. The nursing pads that already have it on them are a great help in the first couple weeks,too! Good luck, you can do it!!

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