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Thread: No patience when feeding

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    Default No patience when feeding

    I have a 7 week old baby who has NO patience once he has decided he is ready to eat. He goes from sweet precious baby to screaming baby in a split second once he's hungry. I know he's not starving since he was 8 lbs 5 ozs at birth, 7 lbs 11 ozs when he left the hospital, and is at least 13 lbs now. He is wearing 3-6 months clothes. He screams so loudly that sadly family members wonder if he has been hurt. My mother is shocked my the screaming and she has two children and my MIL who has 5 children has never heard anything like it before. He also screams when he is being burped because he wants to be feeding instead. I would try to feed him before he's "ready" except his schedule has been fairly irregular lately (2-4 hrs between feedings.

    Does anyone else have a baby like this? How do you handle the situation? Am I doing something wrong? His reaction to being hungry is very difficult if I'm not 1 minute away from being able to feed him... ie. at the mall, or grocery store. He makes such a scene until I can feed him that people are staring at me.


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    My dd is the same way--with everything. When she needs to sleep, its right now. When she needs to eat, its right now. And blood curtling screams are her method for letting me know. There are signs that baby is getting hungry, but they never really worked for me. they say to watch for rooting and hands going to the mouth and to feed then to avoid the screams. I don't really have any great advice, except to watch for those and good luck. As they get older they get easier to some degree as you learn to read their cues. My grandmother says she has never heard a baby cry like mine when she wants something and most people (including sitter) say the same thing. I guess she is just a very demanding child who needs a lot of attention.

    Good luck to you!

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    Default Re: No patience when feeding

    ((((hugs)))) sounds like you have a high needs little one on your hands. DS was the same way for the first few months of his life. Oh boy was I completely nutty during those times. He would scream if I was not immediately there with a boob in his mouth the SECOND that he woke up. It became the family joke simply because like you, no one had seen something like that before. He was very high needs and my life saver was our sling. I had a bad one (don't recommend the NoJo sling) but it still was a life saver when he would only sleep with me, want to nurse a lot, and want to be held all of the time. It gave my tired arms a break and let me do some stuff around the house for sanity sake.

    just know that it tends to get better with age. DS is now 8 months and unless he isn't feeling good, he is quite the independant boy. Very happy, almost never complains to be fed unless it has been a VERY long time since the last nursing. I think he was about 4-5 months when things really started to get better. I know that seems far off, but trust me, it really isn't.

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    Default Re: No patience when feeding

    oh god, I so sympathise

    my DS (3.5 mo) also screams blue murder when he is tired and wants to sleep

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