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Thread: I made it... but a few more questions

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    Default Re: I made it... but a few more questions

    Congrats on reaching your goal!

    1. After 1 month you no longer have a newborn, but a real, true baby.

    2. I used to put some gentle pressure on Haley's chin with a thumb or finger. It seemed to make her open up wide just long enough for me to very quickly pop her on!

    3. My appetite has fluctuated over the past 3.5 months. Some weeks I'm super hungry and others I'm barely hungry at all. In those barely hungry times I just make sure I'm eating whether I feel like it or not, so I don't have supply issues. I think I am the hungriest when Haley is, which makes sense, since the more she nurses, the more calories I need too.

    4. I never felt letdowns at all until about 2 months. Then all of sudden I started feeling them, which was nice in a way, because I knew they were coming. They usually feel like a very strong tingle, pins and needles, and I usually only feel it in the breast she's not nursing on. (I'm guessing the pressure of her sucking causes me not to feel it in that breast.) Sometimes I also feel a really deep pain that goes away after just a second. I think they feel different for everyone.

    I love my kids. I care for them accordingly. What more can I say?

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    Default Re: I made it... but a few more questions

    Congratulations on making it 1 month.
    I am having such problems, I don't even feel right about saying I'm breastfeeding, but I know that is goofy.

    Good luck getting your LO to fix his latch. I hope he gets it soon. I'm having that problem too, It makes nursing away from home extremely difficult to say the least

    I'll trade you my appetite for your lack of appetite. I just started my diet today. I know I know I need extra calories, but not as many as I'm eating, LOL. I think you still need to eat even if you're not hungry like everyone else has suggested.

    I don't think I have ever felt a letdown and that makes me nervous....like I'm not having a letdown or something. I feel a tingling burning awhile after LO is finished eating...I think its my breasts filling up again...but that is it.

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