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    As you have read in my previous threads i am going for a short break YIPEE. Anyway I have started pumping and freezing in Lansinoh bags. My question is I will be taking these bags with me in a bag filled with ice. the possibility is that the milk will thaw a bit during the journey what should i do? Should i put in freezer again or should I thaw completely put in bottles and refrigerate? I will be going for three days so it is not a big deal. How long can i keep the milk for in the refrigerator (after it is thawed)? TIA
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    I think once it has thawed, you're supposed to use it within 24 hours, and you're not supposed to re-freeze milk that has thawed.

    Here's a LLL link with some storage info:
    (scroll to the bottom for times)
    and Dr. Sears has a chart here:

    Hope your little break is fun!
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    I am in the same situation, traveling with BM on an airplane in Sept. then using it during the weekend. It will probably thaw just a little on the plane but I'm just going to put tons of ice in the cooler and stick it in the freezer when I get to my hotel. I'm not going to worry if it thaws just a bit during travel, there's nothing I can do about it anyways.

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