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Thread: Nail polish? Fake nails? Are they safe?

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    Default Nail polish? Fake nails? Are they safe?

    Since DS was born I have not worn nail polish because since I have my hands around him all the time, and often have my pinky in his mouth, I really don't want anything around that could hurt him!

    But I seem to remember from the "old days" of pre-baby (haha) that some polish now and then made me feel good and "worth something", and since somedays I get to feeling like just a cow and diaper changer for a really darling little Tube of a baby (even though I do love being a Mom, we all need a boost now and then, and seeing pretty hands among the poo has gotta help!), I was wondering if anybody knows if nail polish really is unsafe or if I am just being paranoid. Or maybe there's a certain brand that's safe? Or what about gel or acrylic nails, any moms use those?

    Obviously if it's not safe for my little guy, he is totally worth the sacrifice. I just thought I'd ask.

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    Default Re: Nail polish? Fake nails? Are they safe?

    Nail polish on you is fine. I honestly don't know about nail polish in baby's mouth.

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    Default Re: Nail polish? Fake nails? Are they safe?

    Fake nails are fine. I would suggest againsty bringing baby with you to get them done as the fumes are pretty bad

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