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Thread: Fast feeding sessions

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    And my LO as well never spent longer than 10 minutes on a breast sometimes onlt 2 minutes! You may be due for the 6 week growth spurt about now though. Always the way, just when you think you have a grip on it, it all changes. Sounds like you are doing great though, keep it up !:tumbsup
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    Thank You sooo much for posting this question, and for all the responses. My lil girl Jessie is just 2 weeks and 3 days. The first almost two weeks she was taking 40 min to an hour feeding, then would sleep for 2 to 3 hours. Now all of a sudden these last 3 or 4 days she only feeds on one breast for 10 to 15 minutes then goes right back to sleep. I was ready to call the doctor today, until I came across these posts. Yes, she does seem to have plenty of soiled diapers, and her weight seems to be increasing as well. Hope I can make it to my next pedi appointment without freaking out. Thanks girls!

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    My LO all the sudden started doing this at 3 weeks too. I didn't know about this forum and didn't have anyone at the time so I remember being so stressed and not sure what was going on. But, now I know that it's perfectly normal. My LO, no 6 mo, still only eats less than 10 minutes usually and has more than doubled her birthweight.

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