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Thread: exactly how long under running water

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    Default exactly how long under running water

    I've seen quite a few statements that breast milk thaws under running water in 'no time'. I've never done it. Approximately how much time is 'no time'.
    5, 10 minutes?
    thank you

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    Default Re: exactly how long under running water

    WHen I do it, it seems to take a few minutes. not 10, but maybe 5.
    I like to sit the bag in a bowl and let the water fill up the bowl and keep the water running for a minute. that way it is encased with water.

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    Default Re: exactly how long under running water

    I do the same thing as the pp. I tend to pour the water out and then refresh with hot water. It takes longer (no more than a few minutes) but I hate to let the water run. I also have found that if you can fit the bag (after it has thawed some) into an insulated cup or mug, it thaws quicker.

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