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Thread: The scoop on poop

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    Default The scoop on poop

    Ever since solids entered my dd's body, there's been trouble in the pants. Specifically with poo. That first solid batch to come out hurt my dd and now she dreads moving her bowels. Which translates into holding it for weeks.

    She is 2 years old and still nurses day and night. A late comer to solids, around 16 months is when solids became a part of everyday. I give her apricots, prune juice, pears, peaches, brocolli... anything to move the system but to no avail.

    Here is my question.... could it be that she just doesn't have alot to move. I've read bf children are quite efficient at digesting all the bm. I'd say the bulk of her diet is still bm and am wondering if she just isn't pooing much (every 2 weeks, sometimes longer) because she burns it all up.

    She has always been in the 99% in all charts. When she does go, it is still mushy.... I'd say like very thick peanut butter. It's not too dry but it could be moister. I try to give her liquids but she is not big on much other than bm.

    I figure some LLL mom must have come across this but find nothing in any literature I have. She has had allergic reaction to food before (around 1 year), so I am cautious. Could this just be a long transition from bfing to solids? Yes, I've told her ped. He just says try all the foods that make one go and put mineral oil in juice. Really doesn't help. Anybody have some info to share?

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    Ruby, I don't have any BTDT experience to share, and I'm hoping others will chime in.

    It seems to me that if she is nursing lots, and if her urine stays pale and frequent, then there are no concerns about inadequate liquid.

    If you are offering a varied diet with plenty of fiber (and it sounds as if you are), then lack of fiber isn't the problem.

    If the stools come out soft, not formed pellets, then it doesn't sound like constipation.

    So, if I'm following the storyline here, that leaves two possibilities: either she's holding poops to avoid the pain that she fears it will cause (which is pretty common in toddlers -- Dr. Sears website probably has the info on this, from his _The Baby Book_); or she doesn't need to poop very often.

    Does she seem unhappy in between poops? Rigid abdomen? Tummy pains? When she does have a bowel movement, is she upset about it?

    If I remember the Dr. Sears description correctly, a child who is holding poops long-term will have a lot of trouble passing anything, and what comes out will be very liquidy (as that is all that can get past the solid mass). That doesn't sound like your daughter's situation, so perhaps just continue offering the healthy and varied diet, and follow her cues for the rest of it?


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    Default Re: The scoop on poop

    My DD also had bottom trouble. We were referred to a pedi GI doc (very helpful) who Rx polyethylene glycol to make sure the stools stay soft. Enough soft stools and she'll forget she ever wanted to hold them in the first place. Good luck, and trust your instincts!

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