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    I just wanted to say that Matilda is going to be 6 months old tomorrow (oh my gosh...time flies by!) and I am so happy that I have made it halfway to my breastfeeding goal!
    I was always committed to breastfeeding, and though I was lucky not to have too many bumps in the road where that's concerned, I am pleased as punch that we have made it this far. I was originally thinking about BF'ing for a year, but now, I dont know if I'll be ready to let it go then...I'll leave it to her and follow her lead.
    I NEVER could/would have made it this far, if not for the support, love, laughs and well placed internet kick in the pants from all of you.
    So thanks, and here's to the next 6 months and beyond!

    Fancy Momma to the Divine Miss M, 2/15/07 BF'ed for 17 months!
    Currently TTC Baby #2

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