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Thread: how much should I give her?

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    Default how much should I give her?

    okay, here's the problem. I need to leave DD to her grandmother for one feeding but I don't know I much I should prepare her. Since I don't want to waste the EBM I don,t want to prepare too much neither too less. She is 11 weeks old, 10 pounds and nurses usually 8 times a day. How are your babies taking at that age?
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    Default Re: how much should I give her?

    Mine takes 4-5 oz.

    To get her to take 5 oz though we have to burp her in the middle. But she's been sleeping longer stretches, so we offer her more. If she eats just 4 she'll usually take the whole thing and then we burp her.
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    Every baby is different. Mine started with 2 ounces then after about two months went to 4 ounces. At 6 months she started eating 5 ounces. You could make a smaller bottle then send extra milk in another container or bottle. That way it is there if needed and if not then you can use it another time.
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    Default Re: how much should I give her?

    This link might help:


    It not only gives you an idea how much babies usually eat at different stages, but also has a milk calculator to give you an idea how much your baby is eating at each feeding!

    Hope this helps!

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