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Thread: pump to maintain supply?

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    Default pump to maintain supply?

    I don't know if this is a pumping or supply issue -- they're related. My db is almost 3 mos old, and he's been sleeping through the night since he 9 weeks. Back then, his bedtime was closer to 10:30p.m. and would sleep 7-8 hrs. Now he wants to sleep at 8:30-9:00p.m. at the latest and wakes up around 6:30a.m. Being that's a 9 to 10 hr night stretch, I've been staying up til 10:30 or so to get in an extra pumping session because I'm worried that my body will want to slow down production (not just at night, but in general). I would love to go to bed at 9:00p.m. when he goes down because I'm beat by the end of the day. Do I need to keep staying up to pump that extra bit or will my body just adjust and be able to differentiate his need for milk during the day vs. night? I think my supply has been decreasing in general because I'm on The Elimination Diet due to db's allergies and I haven't been getting adequate nutrition, thus, having more reason for concern about supply. Also, I heard that many women question their milk supply around 3 mos. Does something happen to baby's needs or our production where I need to take extra action in ensuring good supply?

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    You can certainly go to bed, as rest is another important factor in milk production. If your breasts get uncomfortably full before baby wakes, you have the option to wake him or express for comfort.

    Around 9-12 weeks, many mothers notice that their breasts don't *feel* full anymore. This may lead them to believe that they no longer have enough milk. However, it's a natural occurance and has absolutely nothing to do with the mother's milk production. This may be what you have heard.

    About the nutrition thing, as long as you're getting enough calories, you should be fine. If you're feeling rundown, you might consider adding more calories, especially from foods that are nutrient dense.

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