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Thread: Please help pumping and bleeding nipple

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    Unhappy Please help pumping and bleeding nipple

    My daughter is 3 1/2 months old. I have never ever had bleeding nipples. I have to work really hard to get enough milk for her during the day, so I have to pump 3x at work. It is really tough. I have been getting between 4 - 6 oz during my first morning pump and then 2 - 3 oz at the other 2. Well this morning I got about 3 1/2 oz and there was a red tint to the milk on the outer part of the flange. I think my nipple was bleeding. I don't see any area of blood on the nipple. There is a red section on the bottom. What can I do? What do I do with the milk? I only have 8 oz frozen as I have never over produced. The milk in the bottle looked ok, but I am not sure if it got any blood in it or not. What do I do about my later pumpings? I am kind of freeking out if you can't tell.

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    First of all, it is my understanding that if there is a little blood in the milk that it is perfectly okay to go ahead and give to your LO. I had to do this once as well and DD had no ill effects from it. The only time that this ever happened to me was when I was using too much suction with my pump and my nipples were overly tender and sensitive due to being pregnant. In my case, even adjusting the suction didn't help much but that would be my first suggestion to you. Maybe lower the suction down a bit and maybe also try to lubricate your nipple area before pumping, I tried a little lanolin when it got really bad. Did you ever find any cut or tear on or around your nipple that may have caused the blood in the milk? In my case, it was pretty obvious...
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    I am having the same issue- I have been pumping for 1- 2 months and everything was going fine until I got small cuts I think form the pump on the top of my nipple, I decreased the suction to be very low but it keeps reopening the wound when I pump and I have to pump to have enough milk fr my daughter while she is at daycare. i have a madela pump in style and I have lubricated with lanolin prior to pumping... please help if anyone has any additional information or feedback. Thanks so much

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    Sudden nipple pain/cracking/bleeding after a period of no pain when you haven't changed anything you're doing is often a sign of thrush infection. If you have increased the suction or duration of pumping go back to what you were doing before the nipple problems and increase the number of pumping sessions to get any extra milk you need.

    Also, if you don't have the right sized flange it could irritate your nipple over time, your nipple should not touch the inside of the flange while you are pumping.

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    i have had bleeding nipples from pumping as well. i was quite alarmed when i looked at the milk i was pumping and it was pink! a little bit of blood in the milk isn't going to do your baby any harm. i can't even imagine how much blood my son drank the first 2 months of his life since i always had cracked, bleeding nipples from feeding him. anyway...i found that i had the wrong shield sizes for my pump and my nipple was rubbing on the inside of the shield. as soon as i got a bigger size (i use 27mm now), that problem went away. now it's my areola that rubs on the side instead of my nipple and that doesn't hurt or cause bleeding. if you can take a break at all from pumping to let it heal, that will help as well. maybe you can hand express for a day or two. good luck!

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