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Thread: Will she be too full?

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    Default Will she be too full?

    Good Morning... A question about supplementing. If I supplement with formula after my LO BF to fill her up, will she be too full to nurse again in 1 1/2 to 2 hrs? I have heard that it takes longer for formula to digest and that FF babies don't need to eat as often. Could this be counterproductive to increasing milk supply? Thanks.

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    Offering formula will hurt your supply. You are training your breasts on the amount of milk it needs to supply by how much baby is nursing. If baby gets formula instead of nursing then the breasts will not know to supply this milk.

    It does take longer for babies to digest formula and they do not eat as frequently as bf babies. Why do you feel the need to supplement after bf? Your breasts are never truly empty of milk. They should keep producing milk as long as they are stimulated by a nursing baby. Also, babies like to suck, so a baby may eat from a bottle if it is offered simply because they like to suck. A baby may also nurse for a long period of time but not remove milk (comfort nursing) because of their strong suck reflex.
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    Default Re: Will she be too full?

    Is there a reason you want to use formula
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    Yes, I too would like some more detail How old is your baby? What is her birthweight/lowest weight/current weight? Why are you using formula?

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