Hi, just want to second Rebecca's advice. You are doing a great job and you have a smart baby that is doing all she can to nurse as well.

Put your baby to the breast every time she shows any signs of alertness. If she is crying she should be on the breast. Do not use any pacifiers during the early months of breastfeeding. She is too small to wait between feedings. You can not overfeed her by breastfeeding. I realise you are feeling a need to supplement and it sounds like you are doing that correctly but ultimately the goal should be for all of her sucking to be at the breast.

Keep track of dipes over a 24 hour period. Because of the formula it may take a few days for the poops to be what we expect from a BF baby. If you are using disposable dipes you may find it useful to line with a sheet of Kleenex so you can see that it is wet. Some are so absorbant they appear dry when wet and a baby this small will not have noticable color or odor to their urine, again formula may change this.

Much of the stomach upset you are seeing is probably due to the formula and will go away with maturity and as you are able to exclusively breastfeed.

Stick with it and I am certain you will see a big change soon and be able to get off the bottles. Be absolutely certain that you are not overdoing it. No housework, cooking or exercise until breastfeeding is well established. All of your focus should be on taking care of your baby and yourself. If family/friends can help around the house then that is great, if not then you will have to turn a blind eye for a few weeks.