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Thread: Artificial nipple choice?

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    Question Artificial nipple choice?

    I am going to be mainly breast feeding. I will only pump for supplement, so that my husband can feed the baby or if I want to leave him at grandma's, but he will be primarily breast fed.

    I have heard that I should invest in a wide mouth nipple because they are more like the mother's breast and can prevent nipple confusion. However, I want to use Dr. Brown's (gassiness runs in my family ) and the DB wide mouth bottles and nipples are very hard to find in my area. There are, however, a plethora of the narrow ones.

    If my baby is not going to be feeding from a bottle very often, and doubtful at all for at least the first month or two, is a breast-like artificial nipple really necessary, or will the narrow ones work just as well?

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    Default Re: Artificial nipple choice?

    Hi - I think each baby is different. But your logic sounds pretty good to me - if it's only occasional and your LO takes it, then go for it. Yet it's best to wait a few weeks before trying to give your lo the bottle. I waited 8. Some babies are picky and moms have to try several different types before they find a bottle that baby will take.

    I used the playtex natural latch (wider mouth ones) but I have 3 sis-in-laws and all used narrow mouth bottles while bfing and their kids didn't have any issues switching back and forth. I know of a few other moms who used the narrow ones like Dr. Brown's and they were fine too. The only ones I ever tried were the wide ones.

    If you are trying to buy some bottles now I suggest you do not but too many. Wait to see which type your LO will take and then stock up on those. it will be a fun shopping trip for you when the time comes.

    Best of luck to you.

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