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Thread: infant problems

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    My daughter was 9.5 lbs at birth and she loves to eat. She also has gas occasionally and we give her Mylicon drops; it seems to help. However, at other times, and most recently, she is very fussy. She won't take her pacifier, she won't sleep and hates lying on her back, nothing quiets her down...except being put to the breast. This is the only thing that works but she is eating all the time because she won't quiet down any other way.

    Can we over feed her? Is her eating so frequently causing her gas? Will she continue to eat if she has gas pain?


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    First of all, congratulations on the birth of your daughter

    I do not believe that you can overfeed a BF baby, though some may disagree. She will stop when she is full. I would say that if allowing her to nurse for comfort is working for you and her...then why stop???

    BUT...how old is your DD? how much does she weigh now? has the fussiness been recent or an on-going thing? is she fussy only at certain times or all the time? have you tried swaddling her really tight either in a receiving blanket or something like The Miracle Blanket??? Have you tried laying down and nursing her to sleep? Dr Sears has some wonderful resources on infant sleep.

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    Default Re: infant problems

    Leslie asked a lot of questions that I would have asked!
    If she is at an age for a growth spurt that might be the culprit. Or if she is young enough, a lot of babies have periods of the day where they are pretty much inconsolable
    We can provide some helpful links when we know more!!!
    Hang in there!

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    Default Re: infant problems

    I was going to ask how old your lo is too. I don't know a whole a lot about reflux, but I've heard that babies with reflux get really uncomfortable and fussy on their backs. My dd had problems with gas at first too, but I started taking an acidophilis supplement while I was bf and it seemed to help her gas.

    My dd was 9 lb 11 oz. Aren't big babies fun!!

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    She's 19 day's old so nearing the 3 week growth spurt, so maybe that's it. She's nursing so much that she seems bloated... so I'm not sure if I'm overfeeding her. The crying comes and goes and really picked up today. No certain time of day or anything else I can put my finger on. It's just so odd that as soon as I let her nurse she quiets right down... so it can't be gas right??? I'm so confused.

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