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Thread: Fussy while feeding

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    Around my last two evening feeds my son (5.5weeks) will suck for a while with a good latch and then all of a sudden start breathing fast trying to suck and pull at me. He will suck for about 10-15 minutes on each side ending with a tug and coming off. So he is nursing for about 20 minutes, but how productive is it? I don't really know what to do. i feel like he must just not be getting enough... or does he have a tummy ache or is he having some reflux or what in the world is wrong??!! I wish he would just look up at me and say "Mom, i can't get any more milk so would you please give me more a little later so that your supply will increase?" or "Mom, my tummy hurts will you give me a massage to make it feel better." I know, asking for a lot and I would probably freak out if he did say that, but it is frustrating to see him act this way, still be fussy for a period of time after he eats, and it takes a pacifier and INTENSE rocking to get him to calm down. Some help would be nice. This isn't the first time he's acted this way.

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    It sounds like he could be gearing up for his 6 week growth spurt.

    He probably will just need an extra couple of feeds during the day. Usually they only last for 2 -3 days, sometimes they can last for a week or more though.

    Hang in there for now.
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