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Thread: not eating much today

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    Default not eating much today

    Well madison is 10 1/2 weeks old and she is not eating much today. For the last few days she has been clamping down on myu breast while eating. Also I noticed today that she stops fussing when I put my finger in her mouth and rub her gums. She also has been taking her EBM bottles and taking the nipple and chewing on it. Could this be early teething and if so what should I do for this? I broke the rules and gave her a lil tylenol a few minutes ago.(I gave her half the doasge that was used for her 2 month shots.) I'm worried cause she isn't eating much today and my nipples are hurting sooo bad! BTW she had to worry me on my b-day today! BUT she is the best b-day present ever! Any advice is appreciated.

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    Happy Birthday!

    "You say it's your birthday, It's my birthday too, yeah!"

    Do anything special today?? I shopped for non-maternity clothes, which could be special....it would've been more special if things would have fit better.

    Okay, on topic now...maybe she is starting to teeth? I guess I'd rather a baby clamp down on binkie than on me...

    Good luck! Maybe tomorrow will be better.

    Mommy to Aidan and Kaitlyn (09/12/02) and to Anderson (07/04/07)

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    It certainly sounds like she's teething.

    You could try giving her a teething ring to bite down on to counter pressure the pain.

    Does she have any other symptoms?
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