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Thread: should I wake up my baby?!?

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    Default should I wake up my baby?!?

    I am exclusively pumping, and my baby is 5 weeks old. He eats about 3 - 4 ounces of breastmilk every 2 - 4 hours. What I am wondering is - in the middle of the night, I should wake him up to feed? When I swaddle him, he will sometimes sleep for 5 - 5.5 hours at a time. However, I get up about every 4 hours to pump. I am wondering if I should wake him when I get up to pump and feed him then, or wait until he wakes up on his own? It seems when he goes 5.5 hours, he wakes up absolutely famished. (Truth be told he often acts "famished", even when he eats a lot and frequently....) But I don't want to wake him unnecessarily either, especially if he is sleeping soundly. Should I wait feed him only when he wakes up?

    I appreciate any comments or shared experiences. Thanks all!

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    Default Re: should I wake up my baby?!?

    What I do is wake baby up (if he doesn't wake on his own), feed him, put him in a vibrating chair near my bed, and pump. By the time I finish pumping, he is sound asleep and I transfer him to bed and hop in with him. I found this to be the most efficient night time plan.

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    Default Re: should I wake up my baby?!?

    I think it is okay if you dont wake him. There is no reason to wake him unless you want to feed him. It is okay for him to go that long as long as he is having plenty of wet/dirty diapers then you know he is getting enough.
    So I'd say, that it is up to you!!

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    Default Re: should I wake up my baby?!?

    The doctor always told me that if the baby is gaining and diaper output is good then let the baby sleep. It's a blessing to have a newborn sleep for five hours. My LO didn't start sleeping for five hours until he was five months.
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    Default Re: should I wake up my baby?!?

    My daughter has started sleeping longer and I let her, but my situation is a little different.

    My husband stays at home with her while I work. So, since he takes care of her all the time, even at night so I can get (some) sleep, I let her sleep so he can rest. I too pump about every 4 hours, and I have to say, the last few nights that I've woken up at 4 in the morning to pump have been like the first days again. When the alarm goes off (I use my nintendo DS's alarm feature -- not as loud and I'm a light sleeper) I will lay in bed for a few to make sure she's asleep -- and then when I get out I creep as carefully as I can, because her crib is at the foot of the bed, and the floor creaks. I go downstairs, pump, and then when I come back about a half hour later, I will usually check to see that she is breathing because she is sleeping *that* soundly.

    Unfortunately she usually wakes up around 5-6, and it's a slow waking. About an hour's worth of mini-fusses where she's still asleep but making noise. Then I usually have to wake up hubby because he's a sound sleeper. Then I get to go to sleep again until 8.

    So it's not doing me any good, really. But I figure it's doing hubby and her good. She doesn't sleep a lot during the day anymore like she used to. We give her "hands free" time because she likes to be swaddled, but we want her to develop her motor skills.

    She usually gets about 3 hours of that after a morning feeding, then another feeding, then swaddle her and *hopefully* she takes a nap.

    Anyway, if she's eating well during the day -- we just increased our daughter from 4 to 5 ounces because of her long nap sessions -- and has good diaper output, I'd let her sleep, but that's just me. Ultimately you need to do what works best for you two.

    If you're the one taking care of her, and she wakes up an hour or two after you pump, I might try waking her and feeding her after I pump, then get her down again and hopefully she'll sleep a decent stretch and you'll get more than an hour or two nap.
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