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Thread: squirming while nursing

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    Unhappy squirming while nursing

    i'm new to this forum and i need help. my daughter just turned 3 months old. we had a rocky start which turned into a great bf-ing relationship but now she's been squirming... A LOT at the breast. i don't think its a burping issue because she does it from the get-go. every part of her squirms.. her arm is all over the place, she kicks the chair or the air, she arches her back, she pulls my nipple all around even if her eyes are closed. i nurse her in the same chair always in her room with minimal noise and distraction. i know its not her fault and she's just a baby but i can't help but get very frustrated and annoyed. does anyone have ideas of what could be wrong?? i am at a loss...

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    My 3 month old son likes to get his arms in the way when we sit down for a meal so I've started swaddling him with the Miracle Blanket. Babies can be swaddled until they are about 4 months old, so it may be worth the expense to get the blanket and try it out. You may also want to consider taking your dh to a chiropractor who is familiar with babies, she may have something out of alignment which causes her pain when getting into position to nurse.

    Good luck!


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    Sounds like she's figured out how to use those arms and legs a bit and she's having fun trying them out! Some mothers find it helpful to have a nursing necklace or small toy or a brightly colored object for the baby to look at/grab at while nursing. That may be something to try, perhaps.
    Hope that helps!
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    My son just turned 3 months - does the same exact thing. This really started in earnest about 2 weeks ago - he bats at my breasts and grabs them and kicks and squirms around - and has really started looking around alot, taking my nipple with his head when he moves it around.

    I think they are just becoming aware of things around them and having fun. Sometimes he hurts me, but it is really very funny too.


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    Talking Re: squirming while nursing

    Hello, i am having the same problems.
    my doctor told me its because i have low milk supply and my baby is getting mad because hes not getting enough to eat, talk to your doctor about it.

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    Default Re: squirming while nursing

    I asked the lactation consultant about it. My little guy does it on occasion, along with grunting. I didn't think it was a burp because he would do it immediately as soon as the feeding began. She told me that their little tummies start "working" as soon as the feeding starts. Not sure why it only happens on occasion though.

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