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Thread: how old is she?

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    Default how old is she?

    My DD turned 5 months this week, but is 23 weeks old (which is nearly 6 months). I occasionally give her rice or oatmeal, but am interested in starting other foods. I want to wait til she's 6 months. I feel silly asking, but is six months when she's 24 weeks old, or 6 months to the date after she was born? There seems to be a few weeks difference or I wouldn't wonder.


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    Default Re: how old is she?

    6 months after the date she was born. Ex: jan 1st - jul 1st

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    Default Re: how old is she?

    Is she showing signs of readiness for solids? Maybe you could check out this page,

    When should my baby start solids?

    Your baby will let you know when she is ready!


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    Six mos from the day she was born as was posted above.

    There is actually an average of 4.2 weeks in a month, hence the difference between the weeks and months ages thing. (Feb has 4 weeks, a month that has 31 days has 4.4 weeks)


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